Wedding Rings in Hong Kong

New styles or designs are many and easily available. Some of them are real trendy ones for the Wedding rings in Hong Kong.

A plain band in a base of platinum or gold with small square form diamond studs for the man or also a carved one with real diamonds have studded all around a circular shape solitaire for the woman styles.

Diamond ring with the little assortment of rubies is also much in trend in today’s lifestyle. You can surely experience the combo of both that is the retro and fashionable style sensation wearing them.

One can also choose sometimes a fancy cut ring or a nice cushion cut diamond or also in the center kind of with small cute pear shaped diamonds on both the sides and both the ends.

Pear shaped diamond rings with dazzling effects of the diamond band gives a supreme aura touch. The cushion cut ring with round and square shape solitaire in the center base or square edges at corners looks sophisticated or glamorous. The double ring band with just two different rich diamond design settings on each has a noticeable charm around the shape of the ring. Solitaires and diamonds are also bound to be a gold, silver or platinum band. Pick up the one that can be your most special style statement.

The diamond rings in Saurashtra, including the place of Amreli and Bhavnagar who are doing job-work for diamantaires, are going through some difficult time ever since the time of demonetization move was announced last month by the Union government.

Most of the Wedding rings in Hong Kong units in Amreli or Bhavnagar polish small diamond parts and the payment is all made in cash by the diamantaires in through type of angadias people. However, due to money crisis matter in the market, diamantaires have stopped them sending diamond packets or rings to Saurashtra. As per the calculations or a rough estimate, the diamond rings in Amreli or Bhavnagar process diamonds worth Rs4,000 crore per annum were sent by the diamantaires.

Industry sources are saying that if the central government ever comes out with more stringent or strict norms after the dates 31 December 2016, then angadiya firms, which are the backbone of majorly or all the diamond industry, would be badly hit and so consequently the whole industry.

The small or so-called medium traders who superbly operate in Surat and other regions of Mumbai are going through a very difficult time just because trading of such rough and polished and super criteria diamonds or diamond rings is done in cash values. If cash problem is not timely resolved soon then it will surely or severely affect all different segments of diamond trade business. This was being said by diamond analyst Aniruddha Lidbide.

The diamond rings concept in the whole world that operate out of houses in some simple villages or polish some small-sized diamonds. Though the raw material cost is not so much, then also the labour costs are very high. Most of the diamond workers or business persons of Saurashtra work in farms type in the morning and then polish diamonds rings in the evening hours. These people who are diamond workers are always paid wages in cash values. The diamond ring or necklace packets are sent truly from Surat through the people like angadias in the small villages of Amreli or also Bhavnagar. Once diamonds rings and necklaces are truly processed and then the parcel is delivered to Surat owners and then the cash payment is sent through the angadias.

Surat Diamond Association (SDA) president has said that the diamond units in form of rings and other accessories of Saurashtra or Gujrat are directly or indirectly connected with Surat. Approximately 80 percent of the diamonds units in Saurashtra do the silly job-work for diamantaires. After the processor news of demonetization, the diamantaires have just stopped sending all diamond parcels or packets because they do not have the cash to pay to the business owners there.

After two long years, these diamantaires in the whole world’s largest diamond ring cutting or polishing sector in Surat are upbeat on just achieving their sales targets in the whole upcoming festival season. The Reason is simple polished diamond demand is simply robust.

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