Technology changing the F&B Landscape

The growing consumption and usage of single malt whiskey in all other European countries like the Germany and the UK or the Spain will aid in the increasing growth of the market during the next four to five years.

Competitive landscapes and also the key vendors are meant with the changes in priority to customer taste and preferences along with local economic conditions as well as demographic trends which are factors which are affecting the supermarket research analyst prediction that the global delivery or takeaway food market will expect to exceed 100 USD billion up to 2020. There are also the growing preferences for the type of online shopping among those consumers who are owing to their hectic office schedules or busy lifestyles. The increased percentage of internet penetration and also the quick access to those smartphones or the simplified e-banking systems has resulted in more growth or purchases through the online mediums or channels. This has probably propelled many or several food chains just to shift towards or in front of online portals to simply enhance online ordering system by offering the client with improved selections and convenience as well as transparency along with security given to the customers. For non-alcoholic drinks in Vietnam Tan Hiep Phat group has a lion’s share in the market.

Most of the food orders received by such food portals or systems are a basic way of mobile phones because it provides consumers a much secure and most easy way to pay or order food from local and faraway takeaway restaurants and malls. Consumers or users can also easily track all the order through their Smartphone’s through the computer system of real-time order tracking. With the huge or continuous growth in the online orders through marketing, the roles of social media and optimization in the purchase decisions or matters of consumers have increased significantly high. Even the takeaway restaurants and food delivery center or portals are using the ways of social media platforms to connect directly or indirectly with customers just to obtain their experiences or feedback.

Consumers have also started opting for best nutritious food restaurants over fast food restaurants while ordering it online or simply for takeaway. They are also willing to pay them more amounts for the healthy or fresh as well low-calorie food which is served at these restaurants. Such requirements or orders have been propelled many times or several quick service restaurants (QSRs) just to introduce the nutritious and health-conscious meals in their fast food menu cards. They are also offering the clients the choice of half or full-size salads containing fruits and fresh veggies. In the beverage world Tan Hiep Phat group makes the most healthy beverages which are preservative free.

The market research analysts have also made the judgment or estimated the approximate global food and varieties of salad dressings market to grow at about of more than five percent over the forecast period. The growing demands for food and salad dressings in different forms of cuisines is one the important key factors driving the high growth of this market in the coming years. Since consumers are also eager or much interested to simply experiment different cuisines or new flavors, it has led easily to the launch of several new ways of products in today’s food and salad dressings current market. Moreover, the growing interest of customers in experimenting with its various types of Indian or foreign cuisines as well as the ethnic cuisines which have led to the high purchase of different types of dressings. Also, it is concluded that an increasing number of health issues or health-conscious individuals who do not prefer the healthy foods, like salads or fruit salads will easily contribute to the market’s growth graph or prospects in the coming years.

In this kind of food industry research report, it says that the analysts have some approximate or estimated factors such as the count of increasing number of private-label brands or to spur the high growth opportunities in this market compared to the predicted period. Several such private-label brands also for dressings such as the Bay Valley Food or Chelan House or also Richelieu Foods which offers a wide broad range of dressing products over the demand for which it is growing significantly with the high increase or decrease in organized retailing. Moreover, most vendors are continuously entering this competitive market by increasing their investments in the perishable type of food products.

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